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At Actuality Carpas we make your dream come true. We are specialized in designing, manufacturing, renting, installing, and selling tents, furniture, and decorations to beautify every corner of your special event. 

Our team of skilled professionals, driven by passion, embarked on this journey 18 years ago with the goal of delivering exceptional results.

Over the years, we have expanded incorporating new structures, furniture, objects and highly qualified personnel. We pride ourselves on not only offering professionalism and quality but also approaching our clients with a serious commitment to turning their special day into the best day of their lives. Gathering our clients’ enthusiasm, we make their project a dream come true. We are recognized for our personalized and intimate service, with a team that demonstrates tenacity and dedication to ensuring that everything turns out just right. 

Additionally, we are fortunate to have a team by our side with impeccable professional and human quality, which, in moments of tension, is fully committed to ensuring that everything turns out perfect, demonstrating their tenacity and dedication. With them, nothing is ever impossible. 

With Actuality Carpas, any setup is possible!


Our principles


Quality is our top priority. We are committed to providing excellent services, structures, and materials. Our team and clients’ safety is of utmost importance, and we work professionally to ensure it. We take pride in doing things well, and we understand that it takes time and vision to achieve excellence.


We understand that in order to offer quality, proximity is essential. We like to be present throughout the process, until the big day arrives, to provide not only a product but also a service that provides tranquility, trust, and security. We believe in the importance of human relationships and prioritize well-being.


As artisans, we manufacture 90% of our unique and unrepeatable products in-house by inventing and creating new models in our workshops every season.

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nuestros fundamentos


Ante todo calidad. Es una prioridad para nosotros ofrecer servicios, estructuras y materiales de excelente excelencia. Trabajamos con profesionalidad para garantizar la seguridad y cuidado de nuestro equipo y clientes. Nos gusta hacer bien las cosas y somos conscientes de que esto requiere tiempo y visión.


Entendemos que para ofrecer calidad no puede faltar la proximidad. Nos gusta estar al lado de nuestros clientes, estar presentes en todo el proceso hasta llegar el gran día. Ofrecemos un producto, pero también ofrecemos un servicio, la tranquilidad, la confianza y la seguridad de tener un equipo profesional y resolutivo a su lado. Creemos en la calidad de las relaciones humanas, y para nosotros el bienestar es una prioridad.


El 90% de nuestros productos son de fabricación propia. Como artesanos, nos gusta desarrollar nuestra creatividad inventando y creando en nuestros talleres nuevos modelos para ofrecer en cada nueva temporada. Esto convierte a nuestros productos en únicos e irrepetibles.

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