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Good ideas for the wedding

DETAILS THAT MAKE YOU FALL IN LOVE, GOOD IDEAS FOR THE WEDDING Sometimes, we are not aware how important are those little details that are part of any celebration. It’s important to be aware that the function of toilettes in our celebration is so variety. Create clean and widen enviroments where our guests feel comfort […]

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The Blanes Convent

THE BLANES CONVENT, A PRIVILEGED PLACE FOR WEDDING This has been one of our latest stagings at the Blanes Convent, in the heart of Costa Brava. Joining with this wonderful environment, we are in an ideal open area where we can celebrate weddings, banquets and private parties. We have had the opportunity to show to […]

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An unforgettable day near the sea

The best location for your event Natural light fills us while we can feel a breeze along our skin and at the same time, we look at the horizon with a relaxed eyesight. Can you imagine it? And if we add a beautiful and comfortable environment, integrated in the nature as if was an extention […]

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Waterproof tents for events

We are at the gates of the month of March. Soon we will leave the winter and we will welcome the awaited spring. But we know that at this time of year, rains usually arrive and the weather becomes unpredictable. Here we remind you of some of the options for waterproof tents for events that […]

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Actuality Carpas in your best moments

Make your best moments only with Actuality Carpas The only days that you remember as the best of your life Actuality Carpas offers you the opportunity to make it possible

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Ephemeral Architecture for an Outdoor Event

Ephemeral Architecture is the concept of things being transitory, existing only briefly. Typically the term ephemeral is used to describe objects found in nature, although it can describe a wide range of things, including human artifacts intentionally made to last for only a temporary period, in order to increase their perceived aesthetic value. (font: wikipedia) Actuality Carpas […]

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The shadow of a spanish wedding

Shadow in a wedding

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The process of the whole assembly of a wedding   From the first call of a pair who looks for budget for his wedding up to the disassembly of the event, Actuality Carpas is there present at all time. We interfere in all the stages of the project and it’s our pleasure to do it. […]

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Decorate your wedding with Actuality Carpas

Do you want to decorate your wedding? The ingenuity forces us not to reveal … Decorate your wedding with Actuality Carpas Showroom for decoration of weddings in Actuality Carpas The decoration of the wedding that you choose has to be the most special. We know that the ideas to obtain original weddings depend on many […]

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Renting Actuality Carpas tents in speaks about Actuality Carpas Renting Actuality Carpas tents We are so proud because has chosen us to perform the report on wedding tents and talk about nine trends in tensive panels. We leave you the link, so you can read the whole article where we talk about wedding tents with Alba Moreno from […]

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