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Mas Albereda

Some places are built to let your imagination fly, to disconnect from routine, to close your eyes and dream… This happens at Mas Albereda every day, a small boutique Hotel in Sant Julia de Vilatorta, a town located in the heart of Catalunya in la Plana de Vic. Located only an hour away from all […]

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Serrat del Figaró

In the heart of “la plana de Vic”, in the slope of the Montseny mountain, just in front of the wonderful pyrenees views, you can find the magical “Serrat del Figaró” a space for celebrations and conventions aimed to feel the Nandu Jubany’s gastronomy essence.   Link to Serrat del Figaró

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Mas Terrats (Pontós)

 A window onto Empordà A unique part of the world that inspires the senses. Enjoy the good weather and fresh air in an idyllic setting where memories are made. link to Mas Terrats

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La Borda del Pi (Andorra)

A tourist chalet located in an exclusive, prime, and singular setting in the Pyrenees between Spain and France, against a backdrop of lush and peaceful meadows and hillsides at the heart of the Collet de Montaup. Link to La Borda del Pi

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Mas d’Osor (Viladrau)

Mas d’Osor is a space for celebrations and events placed in the heart of the Montseny, in Viladrau, in the middle of A few magnificent landscapes all the year round. An agreeable and ideal environment to celebrate any type of event and at the same time to enjoy a modern but deeply rooted kitchen in […]

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