Led strips and light bulbs

Led strips and light bulbs

In this section, you will find all the lights that come in strips. We have garlands of lights, including models from Verbena Lights and Small Lights, all of which come in strips of bulbs. We also have LED strip lights, also known as Fairy Lights. Verbena Lights have classic bulbs, whereas Small Lights have tear-shaped bulbs. You can mount both models on wooden poles in zigzag or carousel shapes, or hang them on tents or other structures. The Fairy Lights are very versatile and can achieve different lighting designs depending on their arrangement and placement.

Garlands of lights rental 

If we think of garlands, surely the typical Christmas lights come to mind, but the truth is that the garlands of lights are a perfect alternative to decorate any type of celebration, as they bring a touch of fantasy and elegance to any environment.

Decorative garlands 

The garlands of lights are a cozy and elegant option for any occasion, perfect for adding a retro and warm touch to any type of space, both indoors and outdoors. With Actuality Carpas light garland rental service we will help you add a more romantic or festive feel to your event or celebration.

The garlands of lights are a very versatile and functional decorative element. They can serve as decoration for any type of party, whether for weddings, anniversaries, theme parties, celebrations, special events… The decorative garlands will provide the atmosphere that any celebration needs.

Outdoor garland lights 

Outdoor garland lights are a versatile and functional decoration that can be used both indoors and outdoors. They are perfect for adding a cozy touch to any setting, bringing magic and warmth to the dark of the night. You can place outdoor garland lights in many different ways, such as using a pole inspired by verbena lights, hanging them around the tops or trunks of trees, creating a path of fairy lights, using them as a curtain, bordering doors and windows, or letting them fall on the wall.

Garlands with led lights

At Actuality Carpas, we offer garlands for rent that come with either LED lights or incandescent bulbs. LED garlands are the best choice as they are more energy-efficient. However, for those who prefer a more vintage look, garlands with incandescent bulbs are a great alternative. They create a romantic and nostalgic atmosphere for your event that will captivate your guests. 

Party light garlands 

We also offer rental services for party light garlands. Our team at Actuality Carpas will help you create the perfect ambiance for your celebration, whether you want a cozy and intimate feel or a more dynamic and festive atmosphere. Just share your ideas with us and we will customize our solutions according to your preferences. Get in touch with us today and let us make your event unforgettable!