Actuality Carpas is one of the leading companies in marquee rental. We have a wide selection of the best models, most of them are our own creation. On this page you will find everything from folding tents to impressive structures. We can offer different types of traditional marquees, such as those in Bedouin or Egyptian style, but also more avant-garde options such as the Empire State tent, one of our unique creations.

In addition, you can choose between several shades of colors, opt for a transparent marquee or even combine different styles, shapes and shades.

Why rent an event tent for your wedding or event?

Very often, renting a marquee seems unnecessary until two weeks before the occasion when suddenly there is rain forecast. When this happens, everyone is in a rush. Unfortunately sometimes the bride and the groom are surprised by a sudden rain on the most important day of their lives. At this moment, everything falls apart and it seems that everything that was already planned is now useless. Considering this, we would like to highlight that it is important to always have a plan B. Marquees are not only useful when the weather plays a trick on us. Marquees also have a decorating and a welcoming function so all guests can feel safe and somehow privileged. In this case, marquees should always go together with the environment they are set in. 

You will find the best event tents for rental at Actuality Carpas

Opting for renting event marquees is the best decision, as they can provide comfort and warmth to your special occasion. If you are not a big fan of marquees, there is a great amount of elements that can be added such as lighting, plants and flowers, curtains…among others.When adding them you will forget that they are marquees. You can check all of our decorating options on this page. You can also contact us for any questions or requirements.

Remember that in order to create your desired setting, it is crucial to choose a company that has a wide variety of event marquees so you can choose the most suitable for your occasion. The characteristics of the space, the decoration of the event or the number of attendees will be key aspects when choosing the tent that adapts perfectly to your needs and tastes. Considering this, we can agree that just any random marquee is not enough.

With 18 years of experience in Actuality Carpas we offer you a wide range of possibilities so you can choose the best solution that meets your needs and taste. Moreover, most of our products, including our marquees, are of our own creation. So if you dream of creating a unique, original, elegant and distinctive event, this is your place. At Actuality Carpas you will find exactly what you are looking for.