transparent tent EMPIRE STATE

our own creation

Discover our spectacular transparent tent Empire State, our most exclusive model!

Designed by our visionary founder at Actuality Carpas. This unique design takes inspiration from the iconic Empire State building in New York.

This model stands out for its elegant roof with a pyramidal shape and its transparent and waterproof canvas.

Waterproof transparent canva’s tents to rent 

The Empire State transparent tent stands out for its unique design with a hip roof structure and a tower. It allows the light in during the day and at night time you can see the stars and all the magic happens. The lights from the tower turn on and change its colors while the wrought iron candle chandeliers give an enchanting and warm light that creates the most remarkable setting. 

If you are looking for the best option for renting a transparent and waterproof tent, the Empire State tent will amaze you for its true beauty! We guarantee you with a high-quality service bringing you authenticity, quality and safety. 

Transaparent tents for events 

Transparent tents are the best solution to host different events such as weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties, special celebrations, business events, baptisms or receptions within others. Transparent tents are ideal for enjoying outdoor spaces. Thanks to their transparent design they merge the interior area with the environment. Furthermore, transparent tents allow the design to be more creative, to highlight the structure together with other elements such as lights, plants, chandeliers, flowers, etc. 

The Empire State tent comes to be a good choice for its flexibility and ability to adapt to its context. Different elements can be added to create more wide open spaces that adapt to your event and your particular needs. 

Transparent tents for weddings 

Looking for a unique and authentic solution for your great day? Transparent tents for weddings are the best option. These tents bring an elegant and sophisticated look to your chosen space. Also, they are perfect for creating a unique customized setting.

During your celebration, you will get to enjoy New York’s magic, with our Empire State building tent, one of the most iconic modern symbols of history: The perfect choice for banquets, receptions or a dance floor. Don’t miss the opportunity to amaze your guests and to enjoy your unforgettable day with this authentic tent. In our transparent tents  rental service we include a full-service including initial assessment, transferring, assembling, maintaining, and disassembling the installation so everything turns out perfectly!