teepee tent rental

Tipi Tent Tatanka

This teepee tent is inspired by the original tipis from the North American nomad tribes who settled on the great valleys in the old times.

With a capacity of 30 people in its interior they can host anything you wish. They are waterproof and windproof and are available in Jasper stone color.

Furthermore, they have a repellent canvas that protects them from dust or water.  We can assist you and offer the best options decoration-wise for tipi tent rental.

History of the teepee tent

Hundreds of years ago, the first teepees were made of leather and were sewed with tendons. They usually used the skins of buffalos, elks, deer or antelope and the poles were made of pine wood. 

Teepees were assembled by women from the tribe in less than an hour. When sewing the ends from the entrance they made sure that the person who was in charge of sewing was happy as it was believed that if an unhappy person did the job the teepee would be badly sewed and the smoke from the fire would fill the teepee with smoke. 

Tipi tent rental

Having its origin and philosophy in mind at Actuality Carpas we have created this tent so people can enjoy them and use them for their celebration as well as to make them feel this pure authentic joyful sensation. 

The design of our Tipi Tent Tatanka is quite exclusive and is perfect for chill out areas or to create a dance floor.  Let yourself be seduced for its unique design that makes any place a place full of magic. Surprise your guests with a distinctive and authentic design that will leave them with an unforgettable memory.  If you are looking for tents for weddings or for any event, the Tipi Tent will meet your most particular needs.