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We have created a new trend, the Tipi Suite and the Tipi Room. Spectacular tents where you can choose your favorite place between nature and spend the night there, without the need of hotels or houses. A place designed for you or to enjoy with your partner, friends or relatives. There are rooms for everyone.


You can use it to make your love proposition, to have an intimate and romantic moment and to celebrate your bridal party with friends. Furthermore, it can be useful to make a brunch, to spend the night or to host your guests and make them feel as if they were in a luxury hotel. Of course, your own idea will be welcome, as well.


In addition, if you already have a house or a place to celebrate weddings and events, you could be the first to have these exclusive tents to differentiate yourself and attract the attention of your guests making them to spend an unforgettable night.


All the rooms we have got are designed in great detail. The Tipi Suite includes a double bed and the Tipi Room offers individual beds, both with decoration and furniture designed to create harmony and a warm and relaxing atmosphere. They are also created with high quality materials and are manufactured in their own right. Our modern designs, classic and elegant at the same time, can be suitable for all kinds of tastes and styles. Even though, we can always adapt the needs of our customers.






If you prefer to spend a different night, we offer a wonderful experience through which you will daydream under the scenery of the stars in a comfort and privacy space that our Tipi Suite tent offer.

In this case, the room retains the same design but a clear roof is added so it reveals the sky and make you feel even closer to nature. Moreover, you will have a telescope which will make you spend a gorgeous magic night.


By request, we also offer all kind of accessories you can imagine so you don’t have to worry about anything. From a bottle of cava, a box of chocolates and a romantic decoration, to an open minibar. You will have all the additional services you need, just ask us.



Decide which option fits the best with your plan and we will help you to make your wishes come true.

Our telephone numbers to contact are 93 886 91 41 or 605 999 592. Call us or write to this email adresses for more information: or